Hayley Derryberry & Paul J Porter

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Interview w/Hayley Derryberry & Paul J Porter about Oktoberfest The Movie


Hayley Derryberry and Paul J Porter are a husband and wife creative team living in Los Angeles, California.  Making movies is what they are a passionate about.  Paul loves movies from the 1980’s and both are fans of the horror genre.  In 2012 they produced Rabid Love, a horror movie about a girl trying to survive her boyfriend after a virus turns him into a killing machine, through their production company Rouge Taurus.  Porter and Derryberry started working on Oktoberfest last year shortly after Hayley started working at Alpine Village, the country’s largest Oktoberfest themed German market, food, and entertainment complex in Torrance, California.

Paul approached Hayley about filming an Oktoberfest themed workplace comedy at her new place of employment and he quickly started working on a script.  Hayley sought approval from the board of directors of Alpine Village and within a month they were given the thumbs up.

One year later they now are in preproduction shooting crowd scenes and stock footage of Alpine Village, but that is not all it takes to make a movie.  The one thing they need which they don’t have a lot of is money.  This is why they took the popular crowdfunfing service Kickstarter to generate the funds they need to get Oktoberfest made.  They currently have 163 backer on Kickstarter and have raised $14,200 of their $50,000 goal.

They spoke with Jamie a couple of weeks ago when the Kickstarter had just begun to let Second Course Media know about their exciting project and get the word out.

To pledge to their Kickstarter follow this link: Oktoberfest Movie Kickstarter

To learn more about the movie itself, discover all the fun promotions they are offering, and to get involved head on over to oktoberfestmovie.com.

To learn more about Hayley Derryberry an can head over to her IMDB page and whle you are at it do the same for Paul J Porter.

Follow Paul on Twitter: @PaulJPorter

Follow Hayley on Twitter: @HaylzBellz

Follow The Oktoberfest Movie on Twitter: @OFestMovie, Instagram: @OFestMovie, and on Facebook: Oktoberfest Movie


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