Twin Peaks – S01E05 – Cooper’s Dream

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Twin Peaks – S01E05

Jamie and Shawn enjoyed the return to Lynchian Twin Peaks and the investigation into Laura’s murder.  Shawn had a special affinity to the final seen of this episode.

Cooper’s Dream Recap

Cooper is woken early by the sound of a raucous party in the Great Northern Hotel. He leaves to meet Truman, while Jerry Horne meets his brother Benjamin to discuss the new Icelandic investors in their property developments. Leland Palmer arrives, disoriented and wishing to return to work, but the Hornes send him home. Cooper, Truman and Doctor Hayward discuss Johnson’s bloodied shirt, learning that the blood is not Laura’s but that of drug smuggler Jacques Renault.

Johnson’s wife Shelley is having breakfast with her lover Bobby Briggs; the two roleplay the idea of shooting Johnson, while they toy with Shelley’s pistol. When Deputy Andy Brennan arrives to enquire about Johnson, Briggs hides and Shelley attempts to make Johnson seem deeply involved in Laura’s death and Renault’s disappearance. Elsewhere, lovers Ed Hurley and Norma Jennings meet to discuss their spouses. Jennings’ husband Hank has been released from prison, while Hurley’s volatile wife Nadine is increasingly becoming mentally unwell. Jennings leaves, feeling that things are going nowhere, leaving Hurley crestfallen. Meanwhile, Audrey Horne is interviewed for a job at her father’s department store and blackmails the interviewer into giving her a position at the shop’s perfume counter—where Laura and Ronette Pulaski worked before their abduction.

Madeline Ferguson meets with James Hurley and Donna Hayward at the RR Diner. They discuss Laura’s death; Hurley and Hayward believe Laura hid a diary at her home and want Ferguson, who is now staying there, to look for it. They leave as Jennings and Shelley arrive; Hank is seated at another table and pulls Jennings aside to asks to start working to earn her trust. Meanwhile, using a photograph from Renault’s home and the clues from Cooper’s dream, the investigators find a log cabin in the woods that they believe to be the scene of the murder; on the floor Cooper finds a fragment of a One Eyed Jacks casino chip that matches the piece found in Laura’s stomach, and Truman finds Waldo, the caged myna bird.

That same afternoon, Bobby attends family counseling with Dr. Jacoby, the town psychiatrist who also saw Laura as a patient prior to her death. Bobby is initially dismissive of Jacoby’s attempt at analysis, but once he is isolated from his parents, he breaks down and confesses that Laura had told him that she wanted to die—and that she had pressured Bobby into dealing drugs so that she could use them herself.

At a party in the Great Northern to welcome the new investors, Benjamin and Catherine Martell secretly discuss their plan to burn the town’s sawmill and buy the land cheaply. Leland begins sobbing hysterically when a piece of music begins, and Martell escorts him away. Meanwhile, Shelley waits at home with her gun, as Johnson arrives back. Hank attacks him beside his truck, threatening him; Johnson returns home and lashes out at Shelley, and she draws the gun and shoots him.

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