Twin Peaks – S01E04 – The One Armed Man

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 Twin Peaks – S01E04

Jamie and Shawn are not that impressed with the fourth episode of Twin Peaks, “The One Armed Man.”  It left them bored and hoping the next episode is more mystical and less procedural.

The One Armed Man Recap

Sarah Palmer describes her vision of Killer Bob to Deputy Andy Brennan , while he sketches the man’s face. She also describes a vision of someone taking Laura’s heart necklace; Donna Heyward winces at this, as she is the one who hid it.

Cooper interviews Laurence Jacoby , a psychiatrist who had been seeing Laura. Jacoby does not wish to breach his confidentiality agreement, but admits that he struggled to understand Laura’s problems. He also casts suspicion on a man driving a red Corvette—Leo Johnson.

Gordon Cole calls Cooper at the sheriff’s station, offering insight into Laura’s autopsy. Brennan brings in his sketch, which Cooper identifies as the man from his dream. He also receives a call from Deputy Hawk, who has located the one-armed man they believe is somehow involved; the group find him at a motel. The man, Philip Michael Gerard is a traveling shoe salesman, who denies any involvement or that he knows BOB.

At the same motel, local businessman Benjamin Horne and Catherine Martell who are in the midst of one of thier clandestine affair meet ups and are planning to burn down the town’s sawmill. The mill is owned by Josie Packard.  What they don’t know is that Packard is spying on the couple in their motel room. Later, Horne meets with Leo Johnson to arrange having the mill destroyed.

Norma Jennings travels to a parole hearing for her husband, Hank. She is uneasy about helping his case as she is seeing Ed Hurley, but promises him a job at the diner she owns. Meanwhile, Johnson’s wife Shelley give Bobby Briggs his Leo’s bloodstained shirt she found in a previous episode. He takes it, promising to rid them of Johnson for good.

Cooper, Truman and Brennan visit a veterinarian connected to Gerard; they find twine there, of the type used to bind Laura. They believe that the bird that clawed her body is one of the animals being treated there, and confiscate the practice’s files in order to locate the owners of birds being treated there. They learn that the scratches have been caused by a myna, and that drug smuggler Jacques Renault owns one. They raid Renault’s home, interrupting Briggs, who is planting Johnson’s bloodied shirt. He flees, undetected; however, the shirt is recovered as evidence.

At the RR Diner, Hurley meets Madeline Ferguson, Laura’s identical cousin; the two seem instantly smitten. Norma finds out that Hank has been released from prison; that evening Packard receives a brief phone call from him that leaves her shaken.

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