Twin Peaks – S01E01 – Traces to Nowhere

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Twin Peaks – S1E1 – Traces to Nowhere

Jamie and Shawn get a little tipsy this episode as they discuss a bad day for Agent Cooper and start connecting some ot the dots that were laid out in the pilot episode.  While they discuss Traces to  Nowhere they realized that Audrey Horne is a kindred spirit to Agnet Cooper, Ben Horne is sleazy, and they saw could burn down for all they care.

Traces to Nowhere recap

Cooper takes breakfast at the Great Northern Hotel, enjoying a “damn fine cup of coffee” and “eggs over hard” as Audrey Horne introduces herself and begins flirting with him. He makes his way to the sheriff’s department, where he finds Andy, Lucy and Sheriff Truman eating donuts.  Cooper and Truman discuss the day’s plans. They interview Dr Hayward who has had an autopsy conducted on Palmer’s body. They learn that Laura had had sex with at least three men the night she died.

Waitress Shelley Johnson is about to leave for work when her abusive husband Leo Johnson demands she do more laundry. She finds a bloodstained shirt among Leo’s clothes and hides it before he notices. However, he later realizes that it has gone missing. When she returns home that night, he questions her about its whereabouts, and savagely beats her with a bar of soap in a sock.

Cooper interviews James Hurley about  the video of Laura and Donna Hayward seen in the pilot episode; Donna had denied him being present the day it was taken but Cooper had noticed a reflection of his motorcycle in the video. Cooper confronts James  about the affair he was having with Laura, and about her cocaine habit. James admits seeing Laura the night she died but denies killing her. James also denies knowing anything about the half heart necklace although it is revealed in a flashback that Laura gave it to him on February 5th.  James’ uncle Ed Hurley comes to the sheriff’s department to pick his nephew up. Ed tells Truman that he was drugged the previous night at The Roadhouse, the town’s bar, and that  he suspects bartender Jacques Renault was responsible. Cooper takes a telephone call from his colleague Albert Rosenfield, who is on his way to aid the investigation. Meanwhile, Bobby Briggs and his friend Mike Nelson are in a jail cell, discussing money they owe to Leo. The $10,000 they were meant to pay him is in a safe deposit box owned by Palmer, which they can now no longer access because it was discovered by Cooper and Truman during the pilot episode.  They are later released by Cooper, who warns them not to approach James Hurley.

Josie Packard and Pete Martell discuss Packard’s trouble with her sister-in-law Catherine Martell. Truman and Cooper arrive to speak with Packard, who had employed Palmer as an English tutor. They are offered coffee and Cooper takes his “black as midnight on a moonless night.”  Packard admits to sensing that Palmer was troubled but cannot help further; Cooper picks up on the fact that Truman has been having a relationship with Packard. Catherine calls Packard to tell her that the latter’s sawmill lost $87,000 the day before; Catherine is having an affair with Benjamin Horne, with whom she is conspiring a hostile takeover of the mill. That same day, Donna Hayward visits Palmer’s mother Sarah , attempting to console her. However, Sarah has a vision of a sinister man crouching in the corner of the room, and panics. Meanwhile, Laurence Jacoby, Laura’s psychiatrist, listens to an audio tape she had made for him, and sobs as he toys with half of a golden heart necklace, the other half of which was found at the scene of the crime.

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