FYI03 – For Your Infotazement S01E03 – My Star Wars Problem

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FYI03 – For Your Infotazement S01E03 – My Star Wars Problem

Star Wars means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but to me it will always be the fantasy that devoured my youth. It is also the most mainstream thing in the world. It is also flawed. Trying to reconcile these things will keep an over-thinker up all night, so what I’ve done here is what any self-aware person with a problem should do: I’ve reached out. In this episode you’ll find conversations with a nice variety of folk about the nature of fandom, escapism, childhood obsession, adult disappointment, overacting, and even a rare bit of arcana that has escaped the attention of most fans for 30 years.

Comedian Ronald James is co-host, along with yours truly and our pal Steve Reter, of Movie Schmovie, a film conversation podcast that will hopefully make you laugh and give you a safe place to overthink your cinematic favorites. Find it at

And speaking of film podcasts, you really should be listening The Projection Booth, on which Mike White, Rob St. Mary, and a shockingly comprehensive gang of guests go deeper than anyone else into the way movies are made and how they make us feel. It’s addictive and it awaits you here at

Chris Garrison is a cartoonist and inventor of games and has been my friend since 7th grade. Peep his crazycool drawings at

Underground mainstay Skizz Cyzyk creates movies and music and does many fun things related to movies and music. Try to make sense of all the hats he wears by checking out his web-hub,

Shit-Stirring Benn Ray’s trenchant opinions and observations can be enjoyed @mobtownshank. And if you’re ever in Hampden, MD, pop in to Atomic Books for some good reads, art toys, and cold beer, possibly served by the man himself.

Bekah Weininger and Jonathan Eaton are trapped in a perpetual state of working on a sock puppet web series set to debut soon. Follow her on Twitter @bekahweininger. Jonathan Eaton can be found on Twitter @jonbrak and you could/should keep up with his silly and demented comics at

If you’d like to suggest topics or make any comments on the show, please follow us on Twitter @infotazement or send an old-fashoned email to

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