Ash vs Evil Dead – S01E05 – The Host

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Ash vs Evil Dead – S01E05

Shawn and Jamie spend a lot of time talking about how Jamie thinks Kelly is pretty sexy when she is possessed by a demon, as they recap episode five of Ash vs Evil Dead season one, The Host.

The Host Recap

With Ash tied up and unable to explain why everyone around him is an idiot, not-Kelly tells Brujo (Hemky Madera) and Pablo that Ash has been possessed by Eligos (Ben Fransham). While Ash utters muted profanities through his gag, the Brujo plans an exorcism that could render Ash unable to have pleasure from the waist down or perhaps just requires some bloodletting. Pablo freaks out about his job running errands and not-Kelly tells him they need to relax. She claims Pablo should get high with her when she finds Ash’s weed. Pablo can’t believe she wants to get high while the Brujo is working, but doesn’t tell her no.

Meanwhile, Amanda is having a difficult time with using Ruby’s GPS-hand. Ruby explains why Amanda is freaking out in a weird, almost seductive way. They might be the worst trackers in history. Eventually the hand literally points them in the right direction and they are off.

Pablo returns to find that not-Kelly has turned the shotgun into a giant bong and has changed her clothes. She tries to seduce Pablo into taking a hit as she secretly loads the shotgun to kill him. Pablo reveals his feelings to her and she placates him. Nothing is working for the Brujo and Ash is getting rather pissed. He finally uses his mouth to remove the gag in time to warn the Brujo and they both hear the shotgun go off. Ash and the Brujo find Pablo fending off not-Kelly, and Team Ash are able to get not-Kelly tied up so they can begin the exorcism. Nothing seems to work.

Pablo goes outside and has a heart-to-heart with the Brujo. Not-Kelly pretends Kelly is back and begs Ash to kill her. She slips and Ash realizes not-Kelly is lying. Pablo offers himself up as the host instead of Kelly. Eligos tears out of Kelly and is back into the real world. It kills the Brujo. Ash is only able to kill the “thinking” demon by shooting first and not thinking at all, working solely on instinct.

After laying the Brujo to rest, Pablo is left with an important charm, the team goes back on the road, and Ash gets a new hand.

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