Ash Vs Evil Dead – S02E04 – D.U.I.

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Ash vs Evil Dead – S02E04

Jamie and Shawn talk about how D.U.I. wraps up the first part of season two of Ash vs Evil Dead, and sets the stage for the big bad, Baal. Together they agree more often than not but disagreed on some of the more ticky-tac problems with the episode.

D.U.I. Recap

As he tries to put his roadkill father back together again, Ash and Pablo come face to face with the possessed Delta. As Pablo approaches the car, he notices that a girl (Lacey Emery played by actress Pepi Sonuga) is being held captive within the vehicle. When the Delta opens its door, the seat belts come at Pablo and take him inside the car. Soon the Delta is speeding off with Lacey and Pablo, and Ash is stuck without wheels.

Kelly and Ruby hunt Ruby’s creepy, demon children and they both go all Die Hard meets Xena Warrior Princess on them. During their fight, Ruby reveals that Baal has a way of worming into the heads of people, and she claims she isn’t sure she is strong enough to fight him if he is resurrected.

Meanwhile, Ash gets Chet to help him go after his car. Together, Chet and Ash take Chet’s Gremlin and go in hot pursuit of the Delta. During their time together, Chet has a moment of clarity as to where and why the Delta will be waiting for its previous owner. Chet is slowly coming into Ash’s screwed up world, and although it freaks him out a little, he can’t turn his back on his friend.

In the Delta, the Necromonicon starts having a conversation with Pablo. It tells him their destinies are intertwined.  Pablo doesn’t take it well. Ash shows up to the crash derby place and faces off against his beloved car. Pablo and Lacey get away from the car, and as Pablo fights the book, the Necronomicon tells Pablo the only way to get rid of it is to send it back to Hell.

Ash must mortally wound the Delta, and he only conquers the beast by listening to the only good advice his father ever gave him. Inside the trunk, the book has literally opened a portal to Hell. Pablo says he thinks he has to throw it in, and Ash says, “Could things get any worse?”

The final seconds of the show reveal Baal escaping from the trunk of the car.


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