Ash vs Evil Dead – S01E09 – Bound in Flesh

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Ash vs Evil Dead – S01E09

This week Jamie and guest Host Joe (Shawn was tending to some holiday obligations) discuss Amanda’s deadite resurgence, the possibility of hiker Heather being a permanent fixture on the show, and the big reveal about Ruby. Listen to all they have to day about Bound in Flesh.

Bound in Flesh Recap

Episode nine opened with an old gag, but one that this series would have not felt complete without.  Pablo and Kelly had to decide which Ash was the real Ash.  With both of them saying idiotic stuff the task was difficult until the real Ash suggested killing them both so, “the other guy is dead and I don’t have to deal with any of this shit anymore.”  Kelly knew that Ash only cares about Ash, which he confirms later, and kills that Ash that did not suggest killing both of them.

As the crew were making plans to chop up evil Ash and Amanda , before they become deadites and as Ash laments his failed chance with Amanda, the hikers from episode eight show back up.  I can’t say that I didn’t see this coming a mile away.  They explain that they got lost and want to stay the night in the cabin.  Ash, Pablo, and Kelly decide that Ash will stay and do the dirty work while Pablo and Kelly lead the hikers out of the woods to the closest town.  This is because Ash doesn’t want the to become possessed and take a trip to Killadephia, Chokelahoma, or Dieami.

Alone Ash begins the task of dismembering his evil self and Amanda.  During this fun-filled task blood makes it’s way to the book and brings it to life.  It talks to Ash and tries to convince him that he should use it.  The book makes a pretty strong case telling Ash that he is  not special without the book.  He put the book in an old fridge to shut it up.  This is when he discovered that Amanda’s body was gone, obviously she became a deadite.

Meanwhile out in the woods Pablo and Kelly are bit a jumpy while they were leading the hikers to “safety.”  They kill a racoon by accident and while being lectured to by Brad, the male hiker, Amanda shows up and kills him and his wife.  A fight breaks out and Heather, the hiker with a crush on Pablo ends up with a broken leg.  Luckily Ruby shows up to save the day but is distracted by Heather’s screams before she can kill deadite Amanda.

Back at the cabin Ruby and Ash engaged in a pissing contest to prove who is more capable of dealing with the is evil and necronomicon.  Ash loses and decides to allow Ruby to use her Kandarian dagger, which Ruby explains will dismantle the book.  So they move inside the cabin and begin the process of giving the necronomicon a reverse facelift but cutting out the face in the front.  Ash threw the face across the room.  He handed the book to Ruby after some hesitation and she began to read from the book.  This is when things got weird.  While all hell was breaking loose and Ruby was reading from the book the face floated in the air and Pablo’s necklace from the Brujo dragged him to the face.  It attached itself to Pablo’s face and he tried to remove it but couldn’t.  Ash tried to stop Ruby but she threw him across the room and revealed that she wrote the book.

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