Ash vs Evil Dead – S01E08 – Ashes to Ashes

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Ash vs Evil Dead – S01E08

This week Jamie and Shawn react to introduction of new cannon fodder (the hikers that are likely to die), Ash vs Ash, and the surprising death of Amanda.  Listen to heat everything they say about Ashes to Ashes.

Ashes to Ashes Recap

Ash returns to the cabin where all his troubles began, only Amanda finds him there. She tells him Pablo and Kelly went looking for him in another direction, and after Ash tries to dissuade her, Amanda explains that she is not leaving him to do this by himself. Ash’s plan is to go into the basement and bury the book somehow. The basement door is locked and Ash goes into the tool shed out back to retrieve a crowbar. (Amanda doesn’t go because the remains of Ash’s ex-girlfriend are still there.

Amanda examines the book, and the ruins of the cabin. Everything from the original film is there. Inside the walls, Ash’s evil hand is crawling around and growing another Ash. Inside the tool shed, Ash sees Linda’s skull and before he can leave, the Evil closes the door and locks him in. Soon, the skull is no longer a skull, and instead has transformed into the decapitated head of Linda in the moments before Ash killed her. She pleads with him, and he tries to ignore her. She claims that they are going to kill Amanda.

Meanwhile, in the forest, Pablo and Kelly are lost. They stumble upon a group of hikers that passed the cabin they are looking for and Pablo asks that they show him and Kelly where the cabin is located. One of the hikers takes a shining to Pablo, and Kelly lies about Pablo having a girlfriend.

Ash appears to Amanda and suggests they just leave. He says they should start a new life somewhere else. He kisses Amanda and she realizes he has the evil hand attached. Soon they have an epic throwdown. Although Amanda is able to cut the evil hand off of not-Ash, he buries a cleaver in her neck and soon falls onto the antlers of a deer head. Evil Ash torments her as she gasps her last breath.

Ash frees himself from the tool shed, only to come back to Amanda dying and the other him. Pablo and Kelly come in and see Ash. He tries to explain, but goes off to find the other him instead. The two fight and in the closing moments it looks like Ash might be in trouble.

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