Ash vs Evil Dead – S01E07 – Fire in the Hole

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Ash vs Evil Dead – S01E07

Jamie and Shawn discuss the new dynamic between Ash and Amanda, Pablo’s on going identity crisis, and the danger of Kelly’s comfort with her new total ass kicker role.  Listen to everything they have to say about Fire in the Hole.

Fire in the Hole Recap

Ash and Co head to the militia that Lem told Ash about, only to arrive in time to see all Hell has broken loose. The Evil has already been to the compound and put the militia boys on high alert. They take Ash, Kelly, Pablo, and Amanda inside, but relieve them of their weapons. Ash tells them that they came up to see Lem, unfortunately they learn Lem is the one that has wrecked havoc on the compound. When Lem attacks, Pablo and Kelly escape, but Ash and Amanda can’t make it. The militia handcuffs them together and throws them into the bunker with Lem.

Ash and Amanda bond, and he comes onto her while she tells him about her time with Ruby. As Amanda tells Ash that Ruby was normal and she is grateful to her, we see a naked Ruby rise from the ashes of the funeral pyre for the Brujo. Ruby is covered in soot and ash, but otherwise looking mighty fine. Lem is hunting Ash and Amanda.

Kelly and Pablo are hiding in the woods as the militia hunt them down. Pablo is having an existential crisis involving not knowing what kind of weapon is his. He laments Kelly knowing exactly what she wanted and wishes he could have picked a weapon so easily. They try to steal a weapon, but end up getting caught.

Ruby (having found a change of clothes) has located her vehicle and is visibly upset that Ash’s demon hand got away. She takes a ritual knife out of a secret compartment and she hits the road.

Kelly and Pablo are taken prisoners and are threatened by two of the militia boys. A third militia boy shows up, but he’s a deadite now. After the deadite kills the other two boys Pablo uses the truck to crush him. Kelly tells Pablo to take the gas mask so they can sneak into the compound, but the deadite is still alive. First Kelly shoots the hell out of it, and then Pablo beats the corpse with his fists as it covers him in blood.

Amanda and Ash stumble upon some weapons and propane, but they’re locked in cages. Amanda has a plan and start to shout to Lem to come and get them.

Kelly and Pablo are able to use the disguise to get the drop on the rest of the militia.

Amanda and Ash square off against Lem. He’s got Diesel and flares and together Amanda and Ash have to take turns fighting and putting out the flares using what they have around them. Ash finds time to turn it into a dance of sorts, so that even in the face of death, Ash likes to flirt. They kill Lem and almost kiss before Kelly and Pablo ruin the moment.

As the team gets ready to head to the cabin, Ash gets all mush on them. As they turn around, Ash ditches them. In the closing moments of the episode, one little demon hand heads home.

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