Ash vs Evil Dead S01E03 – Books From Beyond

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Ash vs Evil Dead S01E03 – Books From Beyond

Ash and crew try to have the book translated to catastrophics results that spark much debate between Shawn and Jamie.  They don’t agree on anything this episode.  Listen to find out what they might agree on if anything at all.

Books From Beyond Reacp

Ruby arrives at the Maxwell farm, looking like she’s ready to kick ass and take names. She examines the graves outside and Kelly’s father – now possessed – reaches up and grabs her wrist. Ruby grabs the Deadite and impales him on one of the makeshift crosses Ash made.  She asks if Ash had the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. The Deadite refuses to answer, so Ruby takes a  ceremonial dagger out and uses it on the Deadite until it gives up the information.

Ash, Kelly, and Pablo arrive at Books From Beyond and Ash warns that Lionel Hawkins (guest star Kelson Henderson), the owner, is a bit…off. Ash is sure Lionel can translate the book. Ash defends being a “alone wolf” to Kelly and Pablo, but comes across as someone who has just tried to convince himself that it is true. Ash goes inside the story and rings the counter bell. Lionel comes out from the back and followed by Amanda Fisher. She thanks Lionel for his help and says that she’ll be in touch, but she thinks she recognizes Ash. He notices her too, in pretty much the only way that Ash notices women, but soon he’s back to business when she leaves. He shows the Necronomicon to Lionel who examines it like it is a beautiful piece of art.

Outside, Amanda calls her police contact, Lee, and begs him to send her the sketch of Ash. It comes through a minute later. Lionel opens the book and the lights flicker. Ruby senses the book opening while driving and speeds up to catch up to it. The Evil speeds through the forest having sensed the opening of the book.

In the car, Kelly tells Pablo that he’s like the little brother she never had which doesn’t sit well with him. Amanda gets out of her car with her gun and enters the bookstore. Kelly and Pablo follow her. Amanda orders Ash to get on his knees, and Pablo knocks her out from behind. Ash turns over the “Opened” sign  to “Sorry, We’re Closed” and handcuffs Amanda to a rack. He plans of getting rid of the Evil and tells Kelly to watch Amanda while he, Pablo, and Lionel get to work.

Ash and Pablo learn that the Necronomicon is a gateway to Hell. Long ago the Dark Ones created the book as a weapon against humanity. Lionel says that the book is harmless unless wielded by someone very evil or very stupid. The only clue to reversing the Evil is a riddle about finding the key to fix it within “man”. Though finding a reversal spell becomes problematic,  Ash stupidly decides that they can summon a demon to tell them what they need to do to vanquish the Evil. He orders Lionel to summon a “weak”  demon to interrogate.

Lionel creates  a summoning circle out of white sand and warns everyone not to break the circle. He assures Pablo and Ash that it’s perfectly safe, but Pablo has his doubts. Lionel calls Eligos (Ben Fransham), a demon who possesses knowledge of secret things.

Amanda warns Kelly about Ash, but Kelly doesn’t want to hear it. She says she would be dead if not for Ash. Amanda tries to convince Kelly that they are on the same side. Amanda promises Kelly that she won’t hurt her friends if she releases her.

Eligos appears in the circle. Eligos recognizes Ash. Amanda comes in, fires a warning shot and Ash accidentally breaks the circle. Eligos pulls Ash into the circle and attacks him. Eligos teleports around the room, taking down Amanda, while Ash tries to Boomstick him into the afterlife. Eligos kills Lionel. The demon attacks Ash and soon has Pablo in its clutches as well.

Kelly grabs the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, and hits the demon with it. It disappears in a cloud of black smoke that is consumed by the book. Ash sends the book out with Kelly and Pablo, and attempts to make nice with Amanda. She handcuffs him, but he removes his wooden hand,  handcuffing her again instead. Outside in the car, Pablo says that his uncle the brujo could help them, but declares that his uncle won’t be happy to see him. Ash says seeing Pablo’s uncle might be their best bet now. When he tells them they have to get going, Kelly reminds him that he thought he was a lone wolf. Ash admits that he might need to run in a pack for a while, and tells Pablo to put on some tunes.

Amanda is trying to get free when Lionel, now a Deadite, comes at her.


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