Ash vs Evil Dead – S01E02 – Bait

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Ash vs Evil Dead – S01E02 – Bait

Mimi Rogers guest starred as Kelly’s Mom and Ash has to do her in as she was a Deadite.  Jamie and Shawn have mixed reviews this week but for the most part they are on the same footing.

Bait Recap

Having vanquished the first two Deadites that came after him, Ash decides it is time to get out of dodge and take the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis to a rare book dealer in hopes of getting answers and undoing the impending Darkness. Kelly wants to go see her dad and get to the bottom of her mom’s “resurrection”, so she takes off on Pablo’s bike. Ash finishes checking out his trailer hookup and goes back inside to kick Pablo out and get on the road. Pablo tells Ash that Kelly took the book with her, forcing Ash to head over to Kelly’s parent’s house with Pablo to retrieve his stolen property.

On the way to Kelly’s, Mr. Roper (Damien Garvey), Ash and Pablo’s boss at Value Stop, pops out of the backseat and reveals he is now a Deadite as well. Pablo and Ash desperately try to keep the car and trailer from crashing while taking turns fighting their former manager. Luckily, Ash keeps empty beer bottles in the car for just this kind of occasion, and soon Mr. Roper is dispatched.

Meanwhile, Amanda Fisher shows up to Ash’s trailerpark, and even though she is still suspended, she attempts to question Ash’s neighbors. With a look at the police sketch and otherworldly hints literally pointing out her next move, Amanda finds the card for the rare bookstore. It won’t be long before she is on our hero’s trail.

When Ash and Pablo arrive at Kelly’s dad’s place, they are drenched in blood. Ash has a plan to retrieve the book and it involves him being awesome and Pablo defending himself…with a broken beer bottle. That’s ok though, because Ash recently “sharpened” it for him. The dynamic duo go charging into Kelly’s parent’s home…only to find Kelly sitting and having a pleasant chat with her folks. After a comical awkward situation, Ash and Pablo are invited to dinner by Kelly’s mom (Mimi Rogers). Pablo accepts and tells Ash that he needs to help him make a good impression at dinner because he digs Kelly. Ash isn’t convinced that everything is kosher. He tells Pablo that the Evil is using Kelly as bait to catch the Big Fish aka Ash.

Suzy Maxwell, Kelly’s mom, recounts having amnesia. Kelly tells Pablo and Ash that they never recovered her mom’s body, lending support to Suzy’s story. After an uncomfortable dinner where Ash acts increasingly like a dick, he busts Suzy in the jaw, much to the ire of Kelly and her dad (Phil Peleton). When Suzy gets up, however, she goes full-on Deadite, and kills her husband. Ash fights back and Suzy vanishes.

Kelly retreats to her bedroom only to find her mother there. Ash and Pablo get to the room for the final showdown, and soon, Kelly is all that is left of her family. Together, the trio pay their respects, and hit the road to see a man about a book.

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