Ash vs Evil Dead S01E06 – Killer of Killers

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Ash vs Evil Dead – S01E06

Shawn and Jamie discuss the best TV zombie battle ever as Ash and the gang take sometime to have a meal together after Ash’s long strange trip and Kelly’s possession. Listen to here what thy thought of Killer of Killers.

Killer of Killers Recap

Amanda and Ruby show up at the Brujo’s place just in time to miss Ash and Co. While on the premises, the Evil comes and possesses the Brujo’s burning body. Amanda tries to kill it, but it takes Ruby’s intervention to truly stop it. The Deadite claims that Ruby is a traitor and they’ll never let her get her hands on the book. Both the Deadite and Ruby fall into the fire and vanish. Amanda is dumbfounded, but she hears a car backfire and sees Ash’s Delta pulling his trailer so she takes Ruby’s car to intercept him. She notices Ash’s demon hand is missing. Uh-oh.

During a monster breakfast, Ash tells Kelly and Pablo that he thinks he needs to go back to the cabin in the woods (where he first encountered the book), so that he can end the Evil once and for all. He tells them that he wants to go it alone because he’s already put their lives in danger more than he should have. Both Kelly and Pablo argue with Ash, and say they’re in it until the end. They also won’t let Ash relent on the check. The group also runs into one of Ash’s old survivor/militant friends, Lem. He’s been stockpiling ammo. That might come in handy.

Kelly and Pablo have a heart-to-heart in the trailer while waiting on Ash to pay the bill. Pablo shares his thoughts and feelings about not-Kelly and teases information about how she might really feel about him. Pablo’s necklace starts responding to the Necronomicon. The book almost eats the necklace, and it takes both Kelly and Pablo to get it back inside the chest.

Meanwhile, Amanda has been keeping tabs on Ash inside of the restaurant, and she calls her old police contact, Boyle,  to come and arrest him. She doesn’t want Ash getting away.

Ash cannot pay the bill, so he propositions the waitress. She points out her husband working in the kitchen and it doesn’t deter Ash from telling her to meet him in the bathroom in a few minutes. A short breath mint bath later and Ash is ready for some loving. This is a shame because Amanda shows up and she and Ash have a confrontation. She drags him back into the diner just in time for Boyle and the Evil to show up. The diner turns into a bloodbath and soon Amanda and Ash have to fend off multiple Deadites.

Luckily, Ash’s new hand turns him into a human multitool, and he literally screws Deadites with his screwdriver extension. Pablo and Kelly enter brandishing Ash’s boomstick and chainsaw and pretty soon, no more Deadites. The team hits the road, but not before picking up Amanda as a new member. Next stop? Hopefully the cabin to end all of the darkness once and for all.

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