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    SS04 – Better Call Saul – S1E5 – Alpine Shepherd Boy
    Better Call Saul – S1E5 – Alpine Shepherd Boy Featuring broadly comic sequences and a central slab of human drama, “Alpine Shepherd Boy” veers from the hilarious to the heavy. For their part, Chris and John veer from the loquacious to the chatty as they discuss the episode, celebrate their ‘outsider’ status, and share a...
  • Contorno
    SCP39 – Hannibal S03E05 – Contorno – “Don’t Get It Twisted”
    In the Contonto, the fifth installment in Hannibal’s third season, things get a bit twisted. This makes sense, since reciprocity is the theme driving this episode. The players that have been orbiting the black hole that is Hannibal are drawing nearer to him and in doing so may collide with one another or get sucked into oblivion – as we see with one individual this week.
  • Antipasto
    SCP35 – Hannibal – S03E01 – Antipasto – “Hannibal’s Broken Heart”
    SCP35 – Hannibal – S03E01 – “Hannibal’s Broken Heart” This week Jamie and Jenny spent a lot of time discussing the relationship between Dr. Du Maurier and Hannibal Lecter.  Jamie thinks that Du Maurier is more like Hannibal then she is willing to admit and Jenny thinks that she is Hannibal’s unwilling captive.  There was...
  • NS5 - Constantine - S1E5 - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
    NS5 – Constantine – S1E5 – “Bring Out Your Dead”
    Constantine – Danse Vaudou Jamie and Benn talk a lot about the beer they are drinking this week.  They do find sometime to talk about Danse Vaudou, the 5th episode of Constantine.  Benn shares a ton of knowledge about Jim Corrigan, introduced in this episode.  Jamie shares his feelings about Papa Midnight’s character development and they...
  • Ash vs Evil Dead
    Ash vs Evil Dead – S01E10 – The Dark One
    Jamie and Shawn wrap up the first season of Chainsaw Reaction by lamenting how long they have to wait until the second season of Ash vs Evil Dead airs. They also strong debate about how the season ended. Listen to what they have to say.
  • UTS05
    Twin Peaks – S01E05 – Cooper’s Dream
    Cooper is woken early by the sound of a raucous party in the Great Northern Hotel. He leaves to meet Truman, while Jerry Horne meets his brother Benjamin to discuss the new Icelandic investors in their property developments.
  • Constantine S1E12 - Angels and Minsters of Grace
    NS12 – Constantine – S1E12 – “Head v Heart” – Angels and Minsters of Grace Review
    Constantine – S1E12 – Angels and Minsters of Grace So Benn and Jamie spend a lot of time talking about thier opinions of the Syfy Network with rumors that Constantine might move over there if NBC lets it go.  They also share their opinion of this episode’s depiction of addicts. This week John teams up...
    Better Call Saul – S02E08 – Fifi
    The eighth episode of the season opens with a masterful single-take scene which follows an ice cream delivery truck through a border checkpoint as it enters the United States from Mexico. When the driver pulls over a few miles later to retrieve a gun from beneath a rock, it's not hard to draw a line between this truck and the yogurt/ice cream place that the Salamancas used for their meeting with Mike. And sure enough, as the episode progresses, we see Mike staking out that very location, and eventually the same Regalo Helado delivery truck arrives to unload some boxes.
  • Will's Exetential Struggle
    SCP36 – Hannibal S03E02 – Primavera – “Will’s Existential Struggle”
    SCP36 – Hannibal S03E02 – “Will’s Existential Struggle” Where do Will Graham’s allegiances lie?  Why is he looking for Hannibal? These are the questions audience had to ask as they watched S03E02 of Hannibal, Primavera.  These questions were made apparent as Will turned to Pazzi, the Italian investigator, while in the catacombs of the Norman...
    Glenn Fleshler Interview
    Jamie had a chance to call Glenn Fleshler, an accomplished character actor, on Saturday, August 15th. Glenn Fleshler is most recognizable from his roles as Errol Remus on season one of True Detective and George Remus, a recurring role on Boardwalk Empire.
  • No Sanctuary Small
    GFV1 – The Walking Dead – S5E1 – No Santuary
    The Walking Dead – No Sanctuary This is the first episode in a collaboration between TVFishbowl and Second Course Podcast.  Jamie teamed up with TVfishbowl contributor Mary to launch Grimes Family Values a weekly live podcast recapping the newest episode of The Walking Dead.  Jamie and Mary breakdown what both of them feel is quite...
  • CR02
    Ash vs Evil Dead – S01E02 – Bait
    Having vanquished the first two Deadites that came after him, Ash decides it is time to get out of dodge and take the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis to a rare book dealer in hopes of getting answers and undoing the impending Darkness. Kelly wants to go see her dad and get to the bottom of her mom’s “resurrection”, so she takes off on Pablo’s bike. Ash finishes checking out his trailer hookup and goes back inside to kick Pablo out and get on the road. Pablo tells Ash that Kelly took the book with her, forcing Ash to head over to Kelly’s parent’s house with Pablo to retrieve his stolen property.
  • Hannibal - Season 1
    SCP08 – Hannibal – S1E9 – Trou Normand
    Hannibal – S1E9 – Trou Normand In this episode David and Jamie discuss Trou Normand, body totem poles, Abigail Hobbes’ efforts to assert herself, Will Graham’s hallucinations, and their love of Baltimore.  They also pose the question: In what situation would you be forced to eat human flesh and what would you have on the...
  • GFV10 - The Walking Dead S5E9 - What Happened and What's Going On
    GFV10 – The Walking Dead – S5E9 – “R.I.P Tyreese” – What Happened and What’s Going On Review
    The Walking Dead – S5E9 – What Happened and What’s Going On Well we have another death in The Walking Dead mid-season premier, What Happened and What’s Going On. Well Mary and Jamie disagree about the purpose Tyreese played on the show but they both agree that is was great episode.  In this podcast they talk...
  • UTS02
    Twin Peaks S01E02 – Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer
    This week Shawn and Jamie talk about dreams, psychology, and deductive reasoning. Shawn offers his insights knowledge about dreams thoughout history and they both try and figure out what Cooper's dream meant.
  • ash-vs-evil-dead-107
    Ash vs Evil Dead – S01E07 – Fire in the Hole
    Jamie and Shawn discuss the new dynamic between Ash and Amanda, Pablo's continuing identity crisis, and the danger of Kelly's comfort with her new role as a total ass kicker. Listen to hear everything they had to say about Fire in the Hole.
  • OC07 - Survivor S30E8&9
    OC07 – Survivor – S30E8&9 – Keep it Real & Living on the Edge “And the No-Collar Go Down”
    Survivor – S30E8&9 – Keep it Real & Living on the Edge Spencer and Jamie were away last week at the Reality Rally in Temecula, California helping to raise money to fight breast cancer.  This is why you has to wait a week to hear them reap both episodes seven and eight of Survivor Season...
    SS03 – Better Call Saul – S1E4 – Hero
    Better Call Saul – S1E4 – Hero In the fourth episode of Better Call Saul, via another wig-tastic flashback, we get our most definitive look yet at Slippin’ Jimmy in action. The shadow of his former con man self looms over Jimmy as the story moves back to the 2002 timeline, where we find our...
  • SOTL Featured image
    SCP 17 – Hannibal – S1 Hiatus E3 – Silence of the Lambs
    Hannibal – S1 Hiatus E3 – Silence of the Lambs In the most recent episode of Second Course Jamie and David discuss the 1991 movie Silence of the Lambs. This is the film that made Anthony Hopkins a star and brought Thomas Harris’ character of Hannibal Lecter to mainstream American Culture.  Listen as they discuss...
  • Hannibal - Season 2
    SPC30 – Hannibal – S2E7 – Yakimono
    Hannibal – S2E7 – Yakimono This week Jenny and Jamie express their disappointment in Yakimono the seventh installment of Hannibal season two.  They also disagree over the fate of Dr. Chilton. Listen live each week, on our live podcast page.  Send in your reaction by heading over to the feedback page or by calling (443)-491-8505.  Use...
  • fromage
    SCP07 – Hannibal – S1E8 – Fromage
    Hannibal – S1E8 – Fromage In this episode David and Jamie discuss Fromage and the new serial killer on the scene, Tobias.  They analyze how Tobias’ effort to reach out to Hannibal in friendship, makes Hannibal realize there is someone he does want to befriend.  Also, a bottle of champagne makes David and Jamie go...
  • OC05 - Survivor - S30E06 - Odd Woman Out 644_result
    OC05 – Survivor – S30E06 – “Blindsided Bromance” – Odd Woman Out Recap
     OC05 – Survivor – S30E06- Odd Woman Out Jamie bought a new mixer this week. So he apologizes for making Spencer sound like he was talking in a bathroom.  Hopefully he figures things out before next week. Nagarote Tribe After tribal council Shirin tried to find out why Max was voted out and Carolyn said...
  • BJLT S01E05
    BJLT05 – S01E05 – Ryan Sterner & Justin Custer of Wetland
    BJLT05 – Ryan and Justin of Wetland Benn and Jamie spoke with Ryan Sterner and Justin Custer of Wetland to discuss their advent of their band and their song writing process. They learned that Wetland is a band that takes a democratic approach to song writing allowing each member to have input and help shape...
  • sorbet
    SCP06 – Hannibal – S1E7 – Sorbet
    Hannibal – S1E7 – Sorbet In this episode David and Jamie talk about the new characters introduced Franklin, Tobias, and Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier. They also discuss the music of this episode and how it helped watching Sorbet feel like eating a dessert. Listen live each week, on mixlr and on the hannibal podcast homepage....
  • GFV11 - The Walking Dead - S5E10 - Them
    GFV11 – The Walking Dead – S5E10 – Them
    The Walking Dead – S5E10 – Them Mary and Jamie didn’t like this episode and didn’t have much to say about it.  We why below and then listen to the podcast. This week Rick on The Walking Dead S5E10, Them, the gang were all together trying to make their way to Washington DC.  They found...
  • Hannibal - Season 1
    SCP12 – Hannibal – S1E13 – Savoureux
    Hannibal – S1E13 – Savoureux In this, the last podcast for season one of Hannibal, David and Jamie spend time trying to figure out what it all meant as they analyze the season finale, Savoureux.  They also spend time discussing what they want to see on season two and what they plan on doing with...
  • Hayley Derryberry
    SCM – Exclusive – Interview w/Hayley Derryberry
    Interview w/Hayley Derryberry Hayley Derryberry is an actress based out of Los Angeles, California.  She got her start in acting while growing up in Tennessee.  From there she moved to New Mexico to cut her acting teeth performing in student films and 48-hour film festival films.  After making the move to Los Angeles Hayley and...
  • Hannibal Rising
    SPC20 – Hannibal – Hiatus E6: Hannibal Rising
    Hannibal – Hiatus Epsiode 6: Hannibal Rising In the sixth hiatus episode Jamie talks with Jenny about Hannibal Rising, the fifth and final movie in the Hannibal Lecter franchise.  Jenny revels some surprising information about a favorite actor of all Fannibals and his connection with the movie.  They both breakdown the performances of Gaspard Ulliel and Rhys Ifans and...
  • Feast of Freinds
    NS4 – Constantine – S1E4 – “We are Who We are, Eventually”
    Constantine – S1E4 – Feast of Friends In this weeks podcast Benn and Jamie realize they weren’t live about half way through and Jamie could see the annoyance on Benn’s face.  All went well and Benn held off on killing Jamie long enough for them to discuss Constantine’s relationship with Gary Lester his old junkie...
  • Aperitivo
    SCP38 – Hannibal – S03E04 – Aperitivo – “The Gang’s All Here”
    The gang’s all here for the fourth instalment of Hannibal in season 3, Aperitivo, and this time the theme is not forgiveness but revenge. This was a catch-up episode in which the audience had a chance to see what’s been going on with Alana Bloom, Jack Crawford, and Mason Verger in the eight months since the previous season’s finale.
  • HANNIBAL -- "...and the Woman Clothed in the Sun" Episode 310 -- Pictured: Richard Armitage as Francis Dolarhyde -- (Photo by: Brooke Palmer/NBC)
    Hannibal – S3E10 – And the Woman Clothed in the Sun
    Soul searching and introspection were the dishes that Fuller and crew were serving up this week for Fannibals. Francis Dolarhyde was searching for Hannibal's attention but had a change of heart and was looking to stop his “becoming.”
  • NS9 - Constantine - S1E9 - Saints of Last Resort Part 2
    NS9 – Constantine – “So That’s What Mexican Prison Is Like” – Saints of Last Resort Part 2 Review
    Constantine – S1E9 – Saints of Last Resort Part 2 Benn and Jamie are back now that Constantine as returned from holiday hiatus with Saint of Last Resort Part 2.  They both like this episode but still have their misgivings about NBC’s support for the longevity of this show.  They share their thoughts about what...
  • ash-vs-evil-dead-108-bruce-campbell-600x400
    Ash vs Evil Dead – S01E08 – Ashes to Ashes
    This week Jamie and Shawn react to introduction of new cannon fodder (the hikers that are likely to die), Ash vs Ash, and the surprising death of Amanda. Listen to heat everything they say about Ashes to Ashes.
  • hannibal-Mizumono_article_story_large
    SCP34 – Hannibal – S02E12&13 – Tome-wan & Mizumono
    Hannibal S02E12&13 Tome-wan & Mizumono “Hannibal’s Farwell” Tome-wan  Will informed Hannibal that he told Mason Verger of Hannibal’s desire to kill him.  Hannibal admitted to wanting to kill Mason and eat him because he is vulgar and rude.  During a session with Mason Hannibal learned Mason’s motivations for having given a hysterectomy to his sister...
  • BJLT - S01E04
    BJLT04 – S01E04 – Eric Allen Hatch
    Bmore Just Like That – S01E03 – Eric Allen Hatch Director of Programming for the Maryland Film Festival   Eric Allen Hatch Eric Allen Hatch is the director of programming for the Maryland Film Festival, where he has worked since 2007. At the festival, Eric oversees the programming for both the annual 5-day MDFF, as well...
    SS05 – Better Call Saul – S1E6 – Five-O
    Better Call Saul – S1E6 – Five-O “Five-O” takes a left turn (see what I did there?) and delves into the tragic backstory and inner life of Mike Ehrmantraut, our favorite laconic fixer, reducing Jimmy to a (hilarious and welcome) bit player on his own show. There’s no Pledge of Odenkirk this time, owing to...
  • rotí
    SCP10 – Hannibal – S1E11 Rotí
    Hannibal – S1E11 Rotí In this episode of Second Course podcast David takes Jamie on a cab ride around Baltimore as they discuss Rotí, the tenth episode of Hannibal. They talk about their new-found appreciation for Dr. Able Gideon, Hannibal’s motives for toying with Will, and what Will’s mental state might indicate for future episodes...
  • Slabtown featured
    GFV4 – The Walking Dead – S5E4 – “Beth Grows a Backbone”
    The Walking Dead – Slabtown Mary and Jamie talk about what’s been going on with Beth since her kidnapping at the end of last season.  She’s been kept in a hospital run by some “bad cops” in downtown Atlanta where she is a captive since the more resources she uses the more work she owes them.  She does...
  • Lara Jean Chorostecki
    Lara Jean Chorostecki Interview
    Jamie had the chance to talk with Lara Jean Chorostecki (pronounced “Coros Techie” - like a “chorus techie” - according to Lara Jean herself) about her role on Hannibal and her acting career in general.
  • Ray Santiago Interview(2)
    Ray Santiago Interview
    Jamie and Shawn had the distinct pleasure to speak with Ray Santiago about his role on Ash Vs The Evil Dead, his acting career, and his future plans. Besides Ray’s breakout role as Pablo on Starz’s Ash Vs The Evil Dead, he has previously acted in the films Girlfight (with Michelle Rodriguez) and Meet the Fockers, and has appeared on such TV shows as My Name is Earl, Dexter, Raising Hope, and many more.
    Better Call Saul – S02E05 – Rebecca
    Determined to get her way out of the doghouse at HH&M, Kim refuses any help from Jimmy, especially his cockamamie suggestion that she sue her employer for extortion, and attempts to play by the rules. She cold-calls anyone she can think of who might help her land a big account, while also busting her ass on the doc review duties that the partners have saddled her with
  • GFV8 - The Walking Dead - S5E8 - Coda
    GFV8 – The Walking Dead – S5E8 – “R.I.P. Beth” – Coda Reveiw
    The Walking Dead – S5E8 – Coda Mary and Jamie share their reactions to the mid-season finale and the death of Beth. This episode started off with Rick taking out officer Lamson and ended with a death not many of were expecting.  By the end of the episode the three groups are back together again...
  • Hannibal - Season 2
    SCP28 – Hannibal – S2E5 – Mukozuke
    Hannibal – S2E5 – Mukozuke In their discussion of Mukozuke Jenny and Jamie discuss Will’s motivations for going after Hannibal, what Beverly death might mean for Hannibal’s future, the symbolism of the iconic mask, and the return of Able Gideon.  Fannibals Jamie will also delight you with his singing ability or lack of ability, you...
  • NS13 - Constantine - S1E13 - Wating for the Man
    NS13 – Constantine – S1E13 – “I Had No Idea There Were Mormons in New Orleans” – Waiting for the Man Review
    Constantine – S1E13 – Waiting for the Man Jamie and Benn both liked this episode but they have fears that the questions that the season one finally left us with will never be answered.  Benn let’s the audience know where this weeks episode’s story came from and gives credit to Jamie Delano.  He also voices...
  • Hannibal w/Skull
    SCP14 – Hannibal – Interview with Kristy Gay
    Interview with Kristy Gay For those of you who don’t wanna listen to the whole Hiatus Episode 1 podcast.  Here is our interview with Kristy Gay from July 30th by itself. Listen live each week, on mixlr and on the Hannibal Podcast homepage.  Send in your reaction by heading over to the feedback page or...
  • GFV15 - TWD - S5E15_16 - Try _Conquer
    GFV15 – The Walking Dead – S5E15&16 – “Not One of Us” – Try & Conquer Review
    GFV15 – The Walking Dead – S5E15&16 – Try & Conquer Review A lot happened in the last two episodes of The Walking Dead Season 5.  To make it easier on those of you that read these recaps I’ve gone ahead and broke them down by episode. Try The episode started off with a video of...
  • Amuse-Bouche copy
    SCP02 – Hannibal – S1E2 – Amuse-Bouche
    Hannibal – S1E2 – Amuse-Bouche In this episode David and Jamie focus on Hannibal episode two Amuse-Bouche. They discuss the special gardening techniques of Eldon Stamets, this weeks new killer, the demons that Will Graham faced, and tabloid blogger Freddie Lounds, played by Lara Jean Chorostecki.  David blows my mind by showing me a picture...
  • OC08 - Survivor - S30E10 - Bring the Popcorn
    OC08 – Survivor – S30E10 – “Bring the Popcorn”
    OC08 – Survivor – S30E10 – “Bring the Popcorn” After Tribal: Rodney told his alliance that it was time to target Mike.  What they didn’t know is that Mike overheard them talking. Survivor Auction: Will bought a covered item, which turned out to be a buyout from the auction, and was sent back to camp...
  • Hannibal S03E03
    SCP37 – Hannibal S03E03 – Secondo – “Two Sides of the Same Coin”
    SCP37 – Hannibal S03E03 – “Two Sides of the Same Coin” The strangely-named third episode of Hannibal’s third season brought us another episode filled with surrealism and powerful thematic elements.  The themes that bookended Secondo were, once again, forgiveness and betrayal.  Hannibal seems to be dealing with whether or not he can let go of his...
    Hannibal – S3E8 & 9 – The Great Red Dragon And The Woman Clothed with the Sun
    It’s the beginning of a new chapter in Bryan Fuller’s Lecterverse and Francis Dolarhyde is taking the stage while Hannibal languishes in his memory palace. The second half of the season begins with the events of the Red Dragon.
  • OC3 - Survivor - S30E3 - Crazy is as Crazy Does
    OC03 – Survivor – S30E3 – Crazy is as Crazy Does
    Survivor – S30E3 – Crazy is as Crazy Does Spencer and Jamie sing the praises of the White-Collar tribe while they express their concerns about the both the Blue-Collar and No-Collar Tribes.  They both agree they were happy to see Nina go because it seemed she wasn’t having fun playing the game.  They leave you...
    Better Call Saul – S02E07 – Inflatable
    Inflatable is an episode of big changes for Jimmy and Kim, as they both draft letters of resignation to their respective firms. Jimmy ends up changing his plan when trusty Omar alerts him to a clause in his contract requiring him to repay his signing bonus if he works for the firm less than a year. From that point, the goal is to get fired by the partners at Davis & Main
  • Definitive Aaron Abrams interview
    SCP23 – Interview with Aaron Abrams
    Interview with Aaron Abrams On February 26th Jenny and Jamie had a phone conversation with Aaron Abrams, the actor that plays Brian Zeller on NBC’s Hannibal.  They talked about acting and his career.  He couldn’t reveal any spoilers for season two but he did get them hyped by telling them that season two is going...
  • GFV 6 - The Walking Dead - S5E6 - Consumed
    GFV6 – The Walking Dead -S5E6 – “Out of the Ashes”
    The Walking Dead – Consumed Mary and Jamie discuss the theme of this week’s Walking Dead, which is rebirth by fire.  There were many instances of fire as Daryl and Carol head into Atlanta during their search for Beth.  This episode focused on where Carol and Daryl have come and where they are going both...
  • NS8 - Constantine -  S1E8 - "Strainge Fruit"
    NS8 – Constantine – S1E8 – “Strange Fruit” – Saints of Last Resort Review
    Constantine – S1E8 – Saints of Last Resort This week Jamie and Benn start off by sharing some thoughts about the town they live in, Baltimore, before they jump in and discuss Constantine S1E8, Saints of Last Resort.  When they finally do get to discussing Constantine and Chas’ jaunt down to Mexico Benn shares some...
  • FYIz EPISODE 03 image futzed
    FYI03 – For Your Infotazement S01E03 – My Star Wars Problem
    FYI03 – For Your Infotazement S01E03 – My Star Wars Problem Star Wars means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but to me it will always be the fantasy that devoured my youth. It is also the most mainstream thing in the world. It is also flawed. Trying to reconcile these...
  • Self Help featured
    GFV5 – The Walking Dead – S5E5 – “Because I’m a Liar”
    The Walking Dead – Self-Help Not much happened this week as we checked in with the group that headed off to DC.  We learn more about Abraham through a series of flashbacks that gives us some insight about why he is so determined to make it to DC.  Jamie and Mary both felt that this was an uneventful, filler episode. The...
    SS01 – Better Call Saul – S1E1/2 – Uno and Mijo
    Better Call Saul – S1E1/2 – Uno and Mijo Inspired by AMC’s two-night première for Better Call Saul, Chris and John make this a double dose of recappy goodness, with in-depth discussion of the amazing one-two punch of Uno and Mijo, an exciting pair of episodes which set the tone for the new series by...
  • TWD S5E2 - Strangers
    GFV2 – The Walking Dead – S5E2 – Strangers
    The Walking Dead – Strangers This week Jamie and mary continue their Second Course/TVFishbowl collaboration by discussing The Walking Dead S5E2, Strangers.  They dissect the theme of this episode which was forgiveness.  Rick and Carol have a heart to heart as Rick atones for banishing Carol from the prison.  Tara needs to tell Maggie that she was...
  • Sakizuki featured image
    SCP25 – Hannibal – S2E02 – Sakizuki
    Hannibal – S2E02 – Sakizuki In this episode of Second Course Jamie and Jenny break down the second episode of Hannibal Season 2, Sakizuki with @erinescence.  They discuss the new sponsor hashtag campaign started by @viloincatherine and @aughmonica that targets T-Mobile starting Friday 3/14, Jack Crawford’s lack of self-awareness, Hannibal and Dr. Du Maurier’s dance macabre,...
  • Non Est Asylum
    NS1 – Constantine – S1E1 – Non Est Asylum
    Constantine – S1E1 – Non Est Asylum This is the first podcast from Benn and Jamie about the new NBC Show Constantine.  Listen as they break down the inaugural episode “Non Est Asylum.”  Jamie is a non-reader of the comic and Benn is a reader so each brings a unique perspective to their analysis of the...
  • hannibal_203_Hassun
    SCP26 – Hannibal – S2E3 – Hassun
    Hannibal – S2E3 – Hassun In this episode of Second Course Jenny and Jamie discuss Hannibal S2E2 Hassun.  They contemplate Jack’s courtroom motives, Hannibal’s show of emotion to Will, and who could be the new copycat, copycat killer.  Jenny helps Jamie with his Japanese pronunciation and she shows her appreciation for Lara Jean Chorostecki and Raul...
    Better Call Saul – S02E04 – Gloves Off
    Follow & Subscribe Send in your reaction by heading over to the feedback page or by calling (443)-491-8505. Use the links below to find Second Course Media on your favorite Social Network. Send Us Better Call Saul – S2E4 – Gloves Off John and Chris are back for a second year of obsessive chat centered on the...
  • OC04 - Survivor - S30E04&05 - Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Now We're Playing Some Survivor
    OC04 – Survivor – S30E04&05 – Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner & Now We’re Playing Some Survivor
    Survivor – S30E04&05 – Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner & Now We’re Playing Some Survivor   Spencer and Jamie spoke a little longer this week since there was a double episode of Survivor.  They spent a lot of time unpacking what happended with Rodney and Lindsey and the drama with the Blue-Collar Tribe.  They finish out...
  • ceuf-part-4-hannibal-web-series
    SCP21 – Hannibal – Hiatus E7 – Ceuf
    Hannibal – Hiatus E7 – Ceuf In their return podcast Jamie and Jenny discuss all the hiatus news and developments.  They discuss Ceuf the episode of Hannibal Season 1 that wasn’t aired in the United States.  The two ask the listeners if there is something about middle children that makes them the black sheep of...
    SS08 – Better Call Saul – S1E8 – RICO
    Better Call Saul – S1E8 – RICO A jam-packed episode of Better Call Saul necessitates a jam-packed recap podcast. And Chris and John are a regular couple of Charlie Hustles as they try to keep up with this week’s rapidly escalating legal action, which concerns fraudulent practices at an assisted living community. James McGill, Elder...
    SS09 – Better Call Saul – S1E9 – Pimento
    Better Call Saul – S1E9 – Pimento In the emotionally devastating penultimate chapter of Better Call Saul’s first season, Jimmy learns a harsh truth, Chuck burns a bridge, and Mike takes a job. All Chris and John can do is hope against hope to keep it together as they recap and dissect this tense and...
  • The Darkness Beneath Featured Image copy
    NS2 – Constantine – S1E2 – The Darkness Beneath
    NS2 – Constantine – S1E2 – The Darkness Beneath This episode is almost unlistenable as Benn and Jamie’s technical difficulties with Google Hangouts OnAir continue.  If you do listen you might hear an insightful conversation about the politics in Constantine episode 2 “The Darkness Beneath.” Listen live each week, as we broadcast from the Eightbar...
  • The Cleansign Hour
    Damien LeVeck
    The Cleansing Hour is about two regular guys who’ve built their success on a lie–and they’re about to receive their comeuppance. Is it morally wrong to profit from passing off an online exorcism as real? But, what about the millions around the world who tune in online to watch. How is their addictive use of their phones, tablets, and computers affecting those around them? Are we, the audience, dangerously obsessed with technology to the point where it’s damaging our lives?
    Better Call Saul – S02E01 – Switch
    The new season begins right where it left off, or even slightly before, as Jimmy decides whether to take the dream job at Davis & Main or strike out on his own path. The only thing that seems to matter to him now is what Kim thinks, and hearing that her feelings have nothing to do with his career choices, Jimmy abandons the law and reverts to his cavalier con-man routine, lounging by the pool and racking up charges under the presumably fraudulent name "Mr. Cumston."
  • Blessed Are the Damned
    NS7 – Constantine – S1E7 – “Fly On My (Not So) Sweet Angel”
    Constantine – S1E7 – Blessed are the Damned Benn & Jamie break down the best episode of Constantine this season, Blessed are the Damned.  They both agree that there needs more episodes like this need to happen if Constantine is to survive into a second season.  Listen as they say the phrase “great episode” over...
  • Naka-Choko
    SCP32 – Hannibal – S2E10 – Naka-Choko
    Hannibal – S2E10 – Naka-Choko In this week Jamie and Jenny spend a lot of time trying to figure our what’s going on with Will Graham, they theorize about the fate of Freddie Lounds and finally they discuss the most confusing sex scene on TV ever.  They also call the fannibals to action by asking...
    SS06 – Better Call Saul – Bonus Episode
    Better Call Saul – Bonus Episode When the going gets tough, you don’t need a bonus episode, you need a BONUS episode. In this one, Chris and John flash back to Saul Goodman’s Breaking Bad debut, and special guest Aaron Couch of The Hollywood Reporter joins John to chat about Better Call Saul’s season so...
  • CRO4(2)
    Ash vs Evil Dead – S01E04 – Brujo
    Follow & Subscribe Listen & watch live each week, on mixlr or blab.im.  Send in your reaction by heading over to the feedback page or by calling (443)-491-8505.  Use the links below to find Second Course Media on your favorite Social Network. Send Us Ash vs Evil Dead – S01E04 – Brujo Jamie and Shawn actually...
  • FYIz EPISODE 02 image futzed
    FYI02 – For Your Infotazement S01E02 – Earworms
    FYI02 – For Your Infotazement S01E02 – Earworms There are a lot of reasons a song might get stuck in your head. Sometimes it’s because the thing is so darn catchy. Other times, it might be a theme or idea that resonates with you. But once it’s in there, a true earworm won’t leave. In...
  • CR01
    Ash vs Evil Dead – S01E01 – El Hefe
    Ash has spent the last 30 years avoiding responsibility, maturity and the terrors of the Evil Dead until a Deadite plague threatens to destroy all of mankind and Ash becomes mankind's only hope.Older, but not necessarily wiser, Ash is hiding out in a trailer park and has essentially given up his heroic ways. He embraces growing old gracefully with the use of girdle, the right amount of cologne, and his trademark charm.
  • GFV7 - The Walking Dead - S5E7 - Crossed
    GFV7 – The Walking Dead – S5E7 – “Setting the Game Board”
    The Walking Dead – Crossed This week Jamie was joined by Heather to discuss The Walking Dead S5E7, Crossed.  Both agree there wasn’t much to talk about as this was a set up episode for the mid-season finale so they had a little fun talking about who they would “ship” on the show. Listen live...
  • UTS04
    Twin Peaks – S01E04 – The One Armed Man
    Cooper, Truman and Brennan visit a veterinarian connected to Gerard; they find twine there, of the type used to bind Laura. They believe that the bird that clawed her body is one of the animals being treated there, and confiscate the practice's files in order to locate the owners of birds being treated there. They learn that the scratches have been caused by a myna, and that drug smuggler Jacques Renault owns one.
  • Ofest Movie
    Hayley Derryberry & Paul J Porter
    Hayley Derryberry and Paul J Porter are a husband and wife creative team living in Los Angeles, California. Making movies is what they are a passionate about. Paul loves movies from the 1980's and both are fans of the horror genre. In 2012 they produced Rabid Love, a horror movie about a girl trying to survive her boyfriend after a virus turns him into a killing machine, through their production company Rouge Taurus. Porter and Derryberry started working on Oktoberfest last year shortly after Hayley started working at Alpine Village, the country's largest Oktoberfest themed German market, food, and entertainment complex in Torrance, California.
  • Four Walls and A Roof Featured
    GFV3 – The Walking Dead – S5E3 – Four Wall & a Roof
    The Walking Dead – Four Walls & a Roof This week Jamie and Mary share their reaction to the Bob-B-Q and the survivors exacting their revenge on the “Termites.”  They both loved the ambush that Rick and his crew planned to lure in the “Termites” and finally be done with them once and for all....
  • UTS03
    Twin Peaks S01E03 – Rest in Pain
    Cooper and Audrey Horne share breakfast, as he realizes she had slipped a note under his hotel room door; the note referred to One-Eyed Jacks, a brothel over the Canadian border. When she leaves, Cooper discusses his dream with Sheriff Harry S. Truman, believing it to be a coded solution to the murder.
  • Ash-vs-Evil-Dead-The-Host
    Ash vs Evil Dead – S01E05 – The Host
    With Ash tied up and unable to explain why everyone around him is an idiot, not-Kelly tells Brujo (Hemky Madera) and Pablo that Ash has been possessed by Eligos (Ben Fransham). While Ash utters muted profanities through his gag
  • BJLT S01E03
    BJLT03 – S01E03 – Sue Werner
    Bmore Just Like That – S01E03 – Sue Werner of War on Women, Blackwolf Beach, & RVIVR Benn and Jamie had a chance to talk with Sue Werner a Baltimore musician that has played in many local and non-local bands.  She spoke mostly about the Baltimore band that she plays bass for, War on Women.  There...
  • buffet froid
    SCP09 – Hannibal – S1E10 – Buffet Froid
    Hannibal – S1E10 – Buffet Froid In this episode David and Jamie discuss the deteriorating mental health of Will Graham and the true cause of his hallucinations.  They also discuss the english meaning of buffet froid, Georgia Madchen and how much disbelief they had to suspend to believe her as a killer, and finally they contemplate...
  • Amber Dawn Fox interview
    GFV9 – The Walking Dead – Interview with Amber Dawn Fox
    The Walking Dead – Interview w/Amber Dawn Fox Jamie and Mary had a conversation Amber Dawn Fox who played Officer Bello on the first half of season 5 of the Walking Dead. Amber is a wife and mother of three children that decided to focus on acting as a second career.  About a year ago...
  • Apéritif
    SCP01 – Hannibal – S1E1- Apéritif
    Hannibal – S1E1- Apéritif In this our first podcast David and I recap the Pilot episode of Hannibal, Apéritif, discuss the cast, break down what we liked and didn’t like about it, and share our hopes for future episodes of the hit NBC show. Listen live each week, on mixlr and on the Hannibal Podcast homepage....
    FYI01 – For Your Infotazement S01E01 – Embarrassment
    FYI01 – For Your Infotazement S01E01 – Embarrassment Welcome to a brand new podcast, as well as, seemingly, a brand new word. ‘Infotazement’ in this case is any topic deemed of interest to me, John Walker, the host of the show. If that sounds vague then you’re beginning to understand. Each week will involve multiple personalities...
    Better Call Saul – S02E03 – Amarillo
    In the season's third episode, Jimmy has a scheme to sign up more clients to the Sandpiper case, and his methods work, but they invite the scrutiny of Chuck, who embarrasses Jimmy in a meeting between HH&M and Davis & Main by accusing him of solicitation. Making matters worse, Kim is suspicious of Jimmy's judgement and demands that he walk the straight and narrow at work, as she vouched for him and any mistakes on his part will reflect badly on her. A chastened Jimmy goes back to the drawing board to devise an alternate plan.
  • hannibal movie 1024x702
    SCP18 – Hannibal – Hiatus E4: Hannibal (Movie)
    Hannibal – Hiatus Episode 4: Hannibal (Movie) Jamie and David discuss what they liked about the movie, its weaknesses compared with Silence of the Lambs, and wonder how Hannibal was never caught after having Mason Verger cut off his own face. David also tells the audience a little more about Pazzi that only reader of...
  • manhunter hiatus 2
    SCP15- Hannibal – S1 Hiatus E2 – Manhunter
    Hannibal – S1 Hiatus E2 – Manhunter In this episode of Second Course Podcast Jamie and David discuss their reactions to Michael Mann’s Manhunter.  Warning there are spoilers for the movie and the book Red Dragon. Listen live each week, on our live podcast page.  Send in your reaction by heading over to the feedback...
  • OC09 - Survivor - S30E11
    OC09 – Survivor – S30E11 – “Survivor Russian Roulette”
    S30E11 – “Survivor Russian Roulette” Before Reward: Dan and Sierra discussed Mike’s claims that they were at the bottom of the majority alliance. Dan later attempted to comfort Shirin about Will’s comments at the previous Tribal Council. Reward Challenge: Divided into two groups of four, the teams were given four barrels, two wood planks, and...
  • GFV12 - The Walking Dead S5E11 - The Distance
    GFV12 – The Walking Dead – S5E11 – Trust Issues – The Distance Review
    The Walking Dead – S5E11 – The Distance Mary and Jamie both agreed that this episode was way better than the last two episodes.  Jamie still has his misgivings about where the direction of second half of season five.  They also have a debate about whether Rick is the true villain of the show, a...
  • BJLT S01E02
    BJLT02 – S01E02 – Vivid Low Sky
    BJLT02 – S01E02 – Vivid Low Sky Benn and Jamie spoke with David and Shirlé Koslowski of Vivid Low Sky to discuss their forthcoming record “II” and their perspective on Baltimore as musicians that left for North Carolina in 1998 and returned 2012.  There was a lot of discussion about how independent music has changed since...
  • OC2 - Survivor - S5E30 - It Will Be My Revenge
    OC02 – Survivor – S30E2- It Will Be My Revenge
    Survivor – S30E2 – It Will Be My Revenge This week Spencer and Jamie talk about Will’s decision to blindside Vince at tribal council and ponder if that was the best move for him to make going forward.  Nina’s meltdown over skinny dipping was a topic of conversation as well as Dan’s antics to get...
    Better Call Saul – S02E02 – Cobbler
    Jimmy has taken the job at Davis & Main, with all its perks. And while it isn't quite clear how comfortable he is in his cushy new surroundings, Kim is sincerely happy for him (and maybe even a little envious of the company car). Chuck, on the other hand, isn't so supportive, and emerges from his seclusion to crash a Sandpiper meeting at the offices of Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill, all the better to check in on his little brother as well as, perhaps, just to see and be seen.
    SS02 – Better Call Saul – S1E3 – Nacho
    Better Call Saul – S1E3 – Nacho Taking a page from Jimmy’s playbook, John and Chris try to keep their identities concealed as they give the Pledge of Odenkirk, but it backfires. Then they move on to recapping the third episode of Better Call Saul, “Nacho,” named after the steely-eyed character at the center of...
  • Relevés
    SCP11 – Hannibal – S1E12 – Relevés
    Hannibal – S1E12 – Relevés In this the penultimate episode of Second Course Podcast David and Jamie discuss the many developments of Relevés, the eleventh episode of Hannibal.  They spent some time discussing what had been revealed to about Dr. Du Maurier and the realizations that Will has which lead him and Abigail back to...
  • Coquilles
    SCP04 – Hannibal – S1E5 – Coquilles
    Hannibal – S1E5 – Coquilles In the fourth installment of Second Course Podcast David and Jamie discuss Coquilles the fourth episode of Hannibal that aired in the US.  They take a look at a new dimension to Jack Crawford revealed during an alleyway scene and Hannibal’s puppet mastery during this episode. Listen live each week, on mixlr...
  • Hannnibal S2E6 Futamono
    SCP29 – Hannibal – S2E6 – Futamono
    Hannibal – S2E6 – Futamono Jamie and Jenny try to blow the lid off of Episode 6 of Hannibal season 2, Futamono.  They both agree that to date this is the most important episode in the series.  They try and figure out Hannibal’s motivations for leaving behind very obvious clues on his latest kills, dissect...
    NS11 – Constantine – S1E11 – “Man in the Mirror” – A Whole World Out There Review
     Constantine – S1E11 – A Whole World Out There Benn and Jamie breakdown “A Whole World Out There,” the eleventh episode of Constantine season one.  They both had pretty good feelings about this one even though it was not the most original episode. Constantine find himself alone in this episode because Zed is still sick...
    Better Call Saul – S02E09 – Nailed
    In a way, the penultimate episode of this season catches all of our protagonists at a low point. Chuck is under attack but ultimately his own pride is as much his undoing as his brother's sabotage.
  • Janice Poon
    SCP22 – Interview with Janice Poon
    Interview with Janice Poon On February 17th Jenny and Jamie had a phone conversation with Hannibal’s Food Designer Ms. Janice Poon.  Ms. Poon shares her process for designing the food, working on the hit NBC show, and what she loves about being an artist.  Jenny and Jamie also learn the interesting fact that Ms. Poon...
  • BJLT S01E01
    BJLT01 – S01E01 – MD Film Festival Preview w/Skizz Cyzyk & Chris LaMartina
    MD Film Festival Preview w/Skizz Cyzyk & Chris LaMartina Skizz Cyzyk is a musician, filmmaker and animator whose director credits include Freaks In Love (Alice Donut documentary), Little Castles (about formstone) and Hit and Stay (a documentary on the Catonsville 9 he made with Joe Tropea). Skizz was also the founder of Baltimore’s legendary MicroCinefest...
  • CR03
    Ash vs Evil Dead S01E03 – Books From Beyond
    Ruby arrives at the Maxwell farm, looking like she’s ready to kick ass and take names. She examines the graves outside and Kelly's father - now possessed - reaches up and grabs her wrist. Ruby grabs the Deadite and impales him on one of the makeshift crosses Ash made. She asks if Ash had the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. The Deadite refuses to answer, so Ruby takes a ceremonial dagger out and uses it on the Deadite until it gives up the information.
  • Ash-vs-Evil-Dead-106
    Ash vs Evil Dead S01E06 – Killer of Killers
    Amanda and Ruby show up at the Brujo’s place just in time to miss Ash and Co. While on the premises, the Evil comes and possesses the Brujo’s burning body. Amanda tries to kill it, but it takes Ruby’s intervention to truly stop it
    Better Call Saul – S02E10 – Klick
    The finale of season two leaves a couple of major questions looming, but finds a certain amount of resolution in terms of character development. As the episode ends, we are more sure than ever that Jimmy has a decent streak that runs deep within him, and we are more sure than ever that Chuck, whatever his attributes, is ultimately a petty man driven by his bitter feelings towards his brother.
  • NS 6 - Constantine -S1E6 - Rage of Caliban
    NS6 – Constantine – S1E6 – “Child’s Play” – Rage Of Caliban Review
    Constantine – S1E6 – Rage of Caliban Jamie & Benn discuss the lackluster 6th episode Constantine, “Rage of Caliban” which was really episode 2.  They share their criticisms and fears for the fate of the series.  Benn ends the podcast asking fans what they think the fate of the show. Listen live each week, as...
  • Red Dragon
    SCP19 – Hannibal – Hiatus E5 Red Dragon
    Hannibal – Hiatus Episode 5 Red Dragon In the fifth hiatus Jamie talks with Austin MacDonald, Hannibal guest star about his impressions of Brett Ratner’s 2002 adaptation of Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon.  Both Jamie and i have nothing but good things to say, and Jamie expresses his true feelings about Manhunter.  Warning there are spoilers. Listen live...
  • OC11 - Survivor - S30E14
    OC11 – Survivor – S30E14 – “It’s a Fickle, Fickle Game”
    Survivor – S30E14 – Mike’s Triumph Before Reward: Despite the fact that her allies Rodney, Sierra, and Will voted against her but Mike did not, Carolyn decided to regroup with her old alliance and continued targeting Mike. Mike was surprised that she would do this since they rest of them just voted for her, providing him...
  • OC10 - Survivor - S30E12
    OC10 – Survivor -S30E12 & E13 – “Holding on For Dear Life” & “My Word is Bond”
    Survivor -S30E12 – “Holding on For Dear Life” Before Reward: The dominant alliance regrouped to discuss the previous Tribal Council. Dan realized that he was at the bottom of the alliance, and attempted to better his position. The next day was Rodney’s birthday, and he hoped that he would finally get to go on a...
  • GFV13 - The Walking Dead - S5E12 - Remember
    GFV13 – The Walking Dead – S5E12 – “Welcome to Mayberry” – Remember
    The Walking Dead – S5E12 – Remember The Walking Dead has reached that point in the season when it has to start setting up the new story arc that will come to a close during the first half of the sixth season.  In Remember Rick and the group have had their time to process the...
  • Austin MacDonald
    SCP16 – Hannibal – Interview with Austin MacDonald
    Hannibal – Interview with Austin MacDonald Jamie sat down and had a conversation with Austin MacDonald, who played CJ Lincoln in Ceuf, the fourth episode of Hannibal.  They discussed Austin’s acting career, what is was like being a member of the cast of Hannibal, and what projects Austin has in the works.  A warning for...
  • Hannibal - Season 2
    SPC33 – Hannibal – S2E11 – Ko No Mono
    Hannibal – S2E11 – Ko No Mono This week Jenny and Jamie discuss rebirth and veils being lifted as they breakdown and analyze Hannibal S2E11 Ko No Mono. Listen live each week, on our live podcast page.  Send in your reaction by heading over to the feedback page or by calling (443)-491-8505.  Use the links...
  • Dolce_Digestvo
    Hannibal S03E06/E07 – Dolce & Digestivo – “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye”
    So it seems this episode was all about letting go and moving on, as Will and Hannibal both recognized that they may not survive separation if it becomes necessary for them to split. It’s nice to know that Will measures the passing of time as before Hannibal and after Hannibal. Will is not the only person that Hannibal has needed to let go. It appears he had to let Bedelia slip from his grasp, as she wasn't quite marinated enough for him to eat her hastily.
  • potage
    SCP03 – Hannibal – S1E3 – Potage
    Hannibal – S1E3 – Potage In this episode David and Jamie break down the third episode of Hannibal, Potage, by discussing Abigail Hobbes and the duality that her and other characters displayed as the plot thickened. Listen live each week, on mixlr and on the Hannibal podcast homepage. Send in your reaction by heading over to...
    SS07 – Better Call Saul – S1E7 – Bingo
    Better Call Saul – S1E7 – Bingo This week on Better Call Saul, Jimmy is forced to put some big dreams on hold as the situation surrounding Betsy and Craig and their stolen money comes to a head, with Kim’s status at HH&M hanging in the balance. Also, Mike commiserates with an old colleague and...
  • SS00_Post_Image
    SS00 – Better Call Saul – “Pledge of Odenkirk”
    Better Call Saul – “Pledge of Odenkirk” In this introductory episode, co-hosts John and Chris kick things off with a ‘pre-cap’ of Better Call Saul, discussing their expectations for the show, the likelihood of a spin-off being worth the effort, and just how ready Bob Odenkirk is to carry a series.* It all starts with...
  • Hannibal w/Skull
    SCP13 – Hannibal – S1 Hiatus E1
    Hannibal – S1 Hiatus E1 In hiatus episode 1 recorded on July 30th Jamie and David sample a wine Hannibal served during his dinner party, talk with Kristy Gay of Hannibal HQ, and discuss their impressions of SDCC Hannibal panel. Listen live each week, on mixlr and on the hannibal podcast homepage.  Send in your...
  • FYIz EPISODE 04 image
    FYI04 – For Your Infotazement S01E04 – Advice
    Advice. Not many people take it, but that doesn't stop most of us from giving it. And when it's good, it usually sounds too simple to put into practice, so only in retrospect does it stand out as useful or helpful in any way. With all that in mind, I spoke to a gaggle of thoughtful folks about the best and/or worst advice they've ever received, as well as whether they knew at the time they were hearing words of wisdom, or if they just shrugged it off.
  • NS10 - Constanitne - S1E10
    NS10 – Constantine – S1E10 – “Where’s Liam Neeson When You Need Him” – Quid Pro Quo Review
    Constantine – S1E10 – Quid Pro Quo  Benn and Jamie disagree about this episode of Constantine.  Jamie loved it and Benn hated it. Quid Pro Quo opens up with Chas’ daughter having her soul stolen by Felix Faust, another mage, from Constantine’s past.  Chas is beside himself trying to find out who has done this...
  • OC01  - Survivor - S30E1 - It's Survivor Warfare
    OC01 – Survivor – S30E01 – It’s Survivor Warfare
    Survivor – S30E01 – It’s Survivor Warfare Spencer and Jamie share there thoughts on the new season of Survivor and discuss predictions for what’s to come this season. Season 30 of Survivor opens with cast introductions as they were driven to a beach where they meet Jeff Probst.  They were split into three tribes Escameca the...
  • Season 2 Ep1 Kaiseki
    SCP24 – Hannibal – S2E01 Kaiseki
    Hannibal – S2E01 Kaiseki In this installment of Second Course Jenny and Jamie discuss Kaiseki the first episode of season two and Hannibal’s triumphant return which took place Friday February 28th.  They breakdown the episode by discussing the epic opening fight, Hannibal’s motivations for his actions in this episode, the themes of trust and appearances...
    Better Call Saul – S02E06 – Bali Ha’i
    This episode finds Jimmy, Kim and Mike all in a state of flux, as they ponder options and consequences.Jimmy is working at Davis & Main under the iron fist of 'Pixie Ninja" Erin, feeling squelched. His disquiet extends to his living arrangements; in order to get a simple night's sleep he has to flee the comfy but anonymous corporate apartment provided by the firm for the familiar shoddiness of the pull-out sofa in his old office at the nail salon.
  • NUP_153649_0605.JPG
    SCP05 – Hannibal – S1E6 – Entrée
    Hannibal – S1E6 – Entrée In this Episode David and Jamie discuss the 5th installment of Hannibal seen in the US, Entrée.  Although not a big role they discuss Dr. Chilton and his introduction to the series, the Chesapeake Ripper, and what Miriam Lass means for Jack and Hannibal’s relationship. Listen live each week, on...
  • UTS00
    Twin Peaks – S01E00 – Northwest Passage
    The small northwest town of Twin Peaks, Washington is rocked when Pete Martell, husband to the local lumber mill operator Katherine Martell, finds the body of Laura Palmer is discovered washed up on a riverbank, wrapped in plastic. FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper is called in when Ronnette Pulaski, who attended the same high school as Palmer, is found wandering on a bridge, across the state line, before lapsing into a coma.
  • Hannibal S2E 8&9
    SCP31 – Hannibal – S2E8 Su-zakana & S2E9 Shiizakana
    Hannibal – S2E8 Su-zakana & S2E9 Shiizakana It’s been a few weeks but Jenny and Jamie are back discussing Hannibal season 2 episodes 8 & 9 Su-zakana and Shiizakana.  They grapple with Hannibal and Will’s intentions toward one another, speculate in Will’s mental health (again),  Jamie expresses his displeasure with ice fishing depicted in Maryland/Virginia, and...
  • The Devil's Vinyl
    NS3 – Constantine – S1E3 -The Devil’s Vinyl
    Constantine – S1E3 -The Devil’s Vinyl This week Jamie and Benn solve their audio issues by going live on mixlr to discuss Constantine season 1 episode 3 “The Devil’s Vinyl” written by Mark Verheiden & directed by Romeo Tirone. This is an episode that they both agree is the strongest one yet.  Constantine and Zed need to track...
  • GFV14 - The Walking Dead - S5E13&14 - Forget & Spend
    GFV14 – The Walking Dead – S5E13&14 – Forget & Spend Review
    The Walking Dead – S5E13&14 – Forget & Spend Review Well week took last week off because Jamie was in need of a vacation, but we return this week to talk to you about Forget and Spend episodes 13 and 14 of The Walking Dead.  Fortunately with the week off our podcast numbers will now...
  • UTS01
    Twin Peaks – S01E01 – Traces to Nowhere
    Jamie and Shawn get a little tipsy this episode as they discuss a bad day for Agent Cooper and start connecting some ot the dots that were laid out in the pilot episode. While they discuss Traces to Nowhere they realized that Audrey Horne is a kindred spirit to Agnet Cooper, Ben Horne is sleazy, and they saw could burn down for all they care.
  • Ash vs Evil Dead
    Ash vs Evil Dead – S01E09 – Bound in Flesh
    This week Jamie and guest Host Joe (Shawn was tending to some holiday obligations) discuss Amanda's deadite resurgence, the possibility of hiker Heather being a permanent fixture on the show, and the big reveal about Ruby.
  • OC06 - Survivor - S30E07 - Tonight the Line Will Be Drawn
    OC06 – Survivor – S30E07 – “Jenn is Sneaky” – The Line Will Be Drawn Tonight Recap
    OC6 – Survivor – S30E07 – The Line Will Be Drawn Tonight Recap Escameca Tribe:   After tribal council Rodney and Mike spoke.  Mike gave Rodney his reasons for why they voted out Joaquin and Rodney explained that he felt extremely disrespected by not being kept in the loop. Nagarote Tribe: Not much to discuss...
  • Hannibal - Season 2
    SCP27 – Hannibal – S2E4 – Takiawase
    Hannibal – S2E4 – Takiawase Jenny and Jamie invite back their friend Erinescence to talk about Hannibal season two episode four Takiawase.  It only seemed right to have her back when just a few weeks ago it was Erinescene that predicted (SPOILER ALERT!!!) Beverly Katz’s eventual demise.  Other topics they hit upon in this podcast are the bee...
    SS10 – Better Call Saul – S1E10 – Marco
    Better Call Saul – S1E10 – Marco And here it is! The season finale of Better Call Saul, and, of course, of Saul Searching as well. Chris and John can only sort through a particularly dense chapter of Jimmy’s saga and prepare themselves to wait for season two. Luckily, this episode reaches a feeling of...
  • FYIz EPISODE 05 image
    FYI05 – For Your Infotazement S01E05 – Bennus
    Typically on For Your Infotazement, I chat with a handful of guests about a central topic, but this episode represents a break from that format, instead focusing on a single wide-ranging conversation with multi-hypenate entrepreneurs Jamyla Bennu and Pierre Bennu. We touch on the origin of their hair and skin care line, Oyin Handmade (and the prime lifetime objective of frizz control), enthuse about a particular sci-fi comic book, discuss social awkwardness, and generally bond over our shared plight of having restless creative natures.

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